Social Media Thoughts: Twitter

Twitter currently has over 300 million users and has net worth of 1.55 billion dollars.  Unlike Facebook, which is often filled with long posts, Twitter only allows its users to post 140 characters or less. A users newsfeed is then filled with short bursts of news, facts, or opinions.

Challenges: Cyber bullying, growing number of users, users anonymity, identity theft.  Can be seen as a non-credible source for journalist.

Stay professional, avoid snarky comments. Make a joke in a broad sense instead of arguing back and forth with individual users.

Crowdsourcing is incredibly important to how Twitter is designed. Maximize your reach by allowing people to retweet your post. Also add hashtags.

Journalist should remain unbiased and deliver the facts. Stay relevant and use hashtags. Twitter is meant to engage with followers, so cater them to your tweets to your audience!

Journalist use Twitter on the local and national level. Twitter allows journalist to reply within moments to each comment from their audience and provides real time updates to their stories. Ex. Boston Bombing, reporters already present and allowed them to capture  pictures and report information in real time. However, it can allow for misinformation due to lack of time to fact check. Once the information has been tweeted, it is hard to delete or take back as many retweets and screen shots are shared.

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