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Thoughts on Post-Production: Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

With no prior experience using Adobe Premiere, I was incredibly nervous when I found out that I’d be editing and producing four different films through the program.

I would have definitely been lost without the help from the Lynda.com tutorials and would highly recommend them to anyone who is unfamiliar with Adobe. While there are plenty of other tutorials available for Adobe, the videos from Lynda.com are thorough and easy to follow.

The Adobe Premiere CC 2015 tutorial has a 15 minute video broken up into multiple sections for easy access to a specific question/problem the user might be encountering. The video begins with showing to Premiere opens and shows to load in your own video so you can begin working on your own project.


The tutorial guides you through with the photos above on how to load your video, edit, and piece together to make your final project.