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Thoughts on Television: Streaming Changing the Game?

Television shows now compared to when I was growing up in the 90’s have changed drastically. The way we receive information is almost instant, making our desire for instant streaming and downloading even more prominent.

With the rise of the internet and digital technology, this also means anyone around the world can produce their own videos and share them with any audience willing to watch. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO have also changed how audiences expect their television shows to look and sound compared to cable and network television.

While those involved in more traditional television production follow more classical rules for filming and post-production deadlines, the advancement of streaming services has allowed for more accessibility to high-quality shows, mini series, documentaries, etc.

“At a time when everyone in the TV industry is trying to guess what the future holds, it seems that technology and services which meet viewers’ new “on- demand attitudes” is the surest way to success,” said Eric Deggans in his article for NPR.

Film makers can now choose when their show will air, and without being concerned about meeting rating requirements, as most streaming services do not have restrictions on language, sexual content or violence.

As more and more households switch from cable to Netflix, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for television broadcasting.